Nexus Mobile FAQ

How do I earn and redeem points at other Nexus Mobile merchants other than Keells?


You can earn or redeem Nexus M0bile points at any Nexus Mobile merchant.Click here to view our current list of merchants

Can I continue to earn points using my old Nexus Card at Keells and other merchants?


No. You will need to switch to Nexus Mobile to continue earning or redeeming Nexus Mobile points at Keells and other merchants

What happens if I lose my mobile phone?


Simply call our hotline and request to suspend your account temporarily to prevent any misuse and activate the same after receiving the new SIM for your mobile number

What if I want to change my mobile number which is registered with Nexus Mobile?


Simply inform our call center on 0777 733 833 or 0112 303 500 and request for a re-registration.

What do I do if I lose my Nexus Mobile card?


Don’t worry, you do not need the card to earn, redeem or qualify for an offer from any merchant you can use the Token Card instead. Please call out hotline and inform us about the lost card in order to purchase a new one.